entering the university

What to do when entering the university


The university requires a great deal of autonomy from its students, who must provide important personal work every day. One of the best ways to approach this new school year is to organize yourself from the start of classes. Make your own study schedule in order to avoid stress and to do long-term, regular and efficient work. In addition, if you alternate between face-to-face and online courses, it will be more than useful to you!

Do not miss

A unique opportunity to discover the establishments and discuss with the educational managers to ask them all your questions!

stress  more spending hours learning lessons at your fingertips. At university, you have to do real groundwork , think for yourself and anticipate the next courses. You must very quickly learn to be autonomous because no one will be behind you to empower you.

Revision sheets

Make your life easier by revising intelligently  ! Adopt index cards and highlighters. These sheets will be of great help to you for last minute revisions and they will allow you to learn effectively while following the program day by day. You will immediately be more sure of yourself!

Sports activity

To stay calm in class, it is best to find a sporting activity to practice outside or within the university itself. This break allows you to clear your head. To obtain a sports license , inquire, depending on your university, it will cost you between 20 and 50 €.

Healthy eating

You can also achieve good results in a healthy body. Avoid kebab sandwiches and pizzas every day and favor fish, meat, fruits and vegetables instead. Know that you can eat good, good, and not too expensive by going to university restaurants. Eat balanced , you will immediately have less trouble concentrating!

Work groups

Above all, do not isolate yourself from other students, form working groups  ! You can all be of help, enlightenment and friendship. This convenient method lets you do more in-depth work while saving valuable student sleep time . And with several, it’s always more interesting… with 1m of distance as much as doing little!


Making pocket money at university is possible! The university offers 4th and 5th year students to complete paid tutoring hours . There’s nothing better than filling in your gaps by learning from classmates from higher years!

University libraries

Struggling to work effectively at home? Do you need peace to concentrate? University libraries are made for this.

Engage yourself

fisting For your culture and your personal interest, the university offers you the possibility of disseminating political, social and cultural ideas through a newspaper or a student radio station. Get involved and interested in the outside world.

In the same way, you can get involved in community life within the university itself. This experience can only be a plus on your CV , but it also lets you know where you want to go.

Compliance with health recommendations

Even if the compulsory wearing of the mask in amphitheatres and closed spaces can be disturbing all day long, it is necessary to protect your health and that of others! Remember to take several masks with you and wash your hands as often as possible with soap or a hydro-alcoholic solution.

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